Well before COVID-19 was a reality, Reuters made the significant step of offering free live online art classes to employees in 2020.  Now, with social distancing strongly in place, these classes are more important than ever.  


Classes will be offered in different time zones, generally after work in each location.  When you register for a class, be aware that the time your confirmation email shows may not reflect the time of the class in your local time zone.   Below are the scheduled times and days for the classes, please e-mail me (leah.kohlenberg@gmail.com) with questions or sign up for a specific class by registering here.


WEDNESDays, 6-8 pm PST - US West Coast 

THURSdays, 6-8 pm EST - US East Coast

THURSDays, 5-7 PM GMT/6-8 pm CET - EUROPE

Fridays 9-11 pm(New DELHI TIME) - INDIA/ASIA